Board Highlights


ELDERS: Back to one Worship service, Social Distance seating available, prepackaged communion still served, no tables in the Welcome Center yet, discussed congregational survey, new Building Usage Form created & Nathan off June 1-3 for 20th Wedding Anniversary.

MISSIONS: Dianne Miller (G.O. Ministries) here Aug. 8, “thank you” notes received from Peoria Women’s Center & Martin Church of Christ, G.A.P. will take place in Oct., due to unrest in Haiti - will try to do a different type of mission trip, discretionary funds of $500 will go to Luke 101 for a vehicle.

CAMP: 17 staffers trained, 5 lifeguards trained, only 60 allowed in the dining hall - 3 outdoor tents to help with dining numbers, 1st Chance Camp starts June 9, 4 water fountains installed, donated: 42 hand sanitizers & over 400 bottles of hand sanitizers.

TREASURER: May Income $27,313.31, Expenses $27,992.25. Jan. - May Income: $142,695.40, Expenses: $126,845.16. May & June Missions paid. As of June 2 - Savings: $43,620.37, Checking: $19,625.46. April & May Reports approved as written.

NATHAN: Attended Ignite Luncheon, June sermon series: Leaders & Fathers, July sermon series: “Press Play” VBS Theme, continually attending Community Prayer Meeting, weekly Men’s Bible Study & Home Study/Discipleship.

AARON: Remedy/Lighthouse continue thru the summer, dean of the HS camp at RRCC, Baccalaureate & Graduation went well & Bradley Green preached well.

CHRISTIAN ED/YOUTH: Nursery open & staffed, Sunday school classes going well, special speakers for Lighthouse in June, IRC (June 6), Camp Iwannawalk (June 9, July 14), HS Camp (June 27-July 2), MS Love Action (July 14-16), VBS (July 18-23).

HELPING HANDS: 25 cards, 22 military cards, 2 baptismal bags, “Thank you” from Jace Bright for Military Card, working towards Meal Prep Day.

TALENT: Song Selection Sundays (Father’s Day & Labor Day)

BUILDING/GROUNDS/VAN: plaster work needs final touches, water line in boiler room moved away from electrical box, basement bathrooms in need of new stools, motion carried to pay $500 to remove dying tree at Bright’s Parsonage - work day to remove wood will coincide, Sanctuary Roof will be replaced in late Summer.

FINANCE: $1,000 a month has been transferred from General Fund to Roof Fund to help with cost.

OLD/NEW: Deacons will be giving Ministry Testimonies during Board Meetings in the future.

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