Christmas Cookie Project Week:
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December sermon series:
Christmas Visits!

11-19-23 ECC Bulletin.pdf

8:00 am Fellowship:

Coffe, Prayer, Greeting

9:00 am Worship: 

(Songs, Bible reading, Prayer, Communion, Offering, Gospel Message)

10:15 am Bible Class:

Bible classes for all ages

5th Sunday's:

Children stay in worship with their families, 

we provide activity packets for the children

Song Selection's led by our Combined Praise Team

One of our Younger Men proclaim the Bible Message

Daily Bible Reading Schedule for November 2024:

November 20 - Zechariah 9, Psalm 20, Proverbs 20

November 21 - Zechariah 10, Psalm 21, Proverbs 21

November 22 - Zechariah 11, Psalm 22, Proverbs 22

November 23 - Zechariah 12, Psalm 23, Prov. 23

November 24 - Zechariah 13, Psalm 24, Prov. 24

November 25 - Zephaniah 14, Psalm 25, Prov. 25

November 26 - Malachi 1, Psalm 26, Proverbs 26

November 27 - Malachi 2, Psalm 27, Proverbs 27

November 28 - Malachi 3, Psalm 28, Proverbs 28

November 29 - Malachi 4, Psalm 29, Proverbs 29

November 30 - Psalm 30, Proverbs 30-31

Nathan Bright


Aaron J Sweeney


Dave Schulze


Marlyn Schipper


Ann Schipper

Administrative Assistant


The ROCK (K-4th grades)

5pm - 6pm

Our final 2 meetings for 2023 are November 29 and December 6.

December 6 we will be going caroling and enjoying cookies and hot cocoa!

Remedy (5th-8th grades)

Meeting Regularly at 5:30pm

Our final 2 meetings for 2023 are November 29 and December 6.

Lighthouse (9th-12th grades) 

Meeting Regularly at 7pm

Caroling December 6th and final meeting for 2023 December 13th.

On School SIP days meeting at 12:35PM at ECC!

Questions? Contact Aaron Sweeney

B.O.B.(Breaking of Bread)

Wednesday free breakfast for adults at 9am

We eat, talk, tell jokes, read the Bible, and pray.

New! Women's Bible Groups n Tuesday's

October 3-November 7

Tuesday's 9AM - 10AM & 6PM - 7PM

Contact Marla Johnson or Ann Schipper for more information.


Currently meeting at the ECC building on Saturday's at 8am.

Learning, discussing, and applying God's Word to the everyday!

Grief Care Group

Meeting every three weeks.

Contact Vern Venhuizen or the Church Office for more details.

Looking to start a group? 

An outdoors group, a book group, home bible study group, prayer group, women's group, etc. 

Please connect with us and we will help with training, resources, and launching!

Contact Nathan or Aaron! one God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Learn More the Bible: God’s Holy Word, Scripture.

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...that God creates each person as male or female.

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...the Bible teaches that God established marriage in the beginning as a lifelong, exclusive relationship between one man and one woman.

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...that all of mankind are in need of being saved, saved from their sins.

Learn More the Church of Jesus Christ, founded on the Day of Pentecost, consisting of all Christians everywhere, and organized into local assemblies, called churches.

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...that the Elders of the church are the overseers of its affairs and the shepherds of its members...

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...that the Bible instructs church members to:

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Philippians 4:6-7


1 Peter 2:2


Ephesians 4:2 & 15


Matthew 20:26-28